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Become a Partner With PPC INDIA Company For PPC MANAGEMENT Services
Become a Partner With PPC INDIA Company

Outsourcing to us can save a lot of money and improve your professional exposure to your clients. We offers white label outsourcing services and communicate to your client on behalf of you. This process will help your clients to deliver best results and you will earn good amount with us.
Our experienced professionals will help you to improve your business portfolio by adding our quality services and we can make you sure about our international Pay per click services.

Why Partner with PPC India Company?

  •  Best keywords recommendations
  •  White label campaign management.
  •  100% transparent and ROI based work.
  •  Research based budget recommendation.
  •  AdWords Certified Professional Consultation only.
  •  Reporting through project management system.
  •  24X7 Chat | Phone | Email support.

Steps to Work for PPC Project:

  •  Goal identification (i.e. 100 Leads per day)
  •  Minimum ROI Calculation(i.e. Cost per lead)
  •  Monthly Budget Calculation (i.e. cost per day X 30 days)
  •  Keywords research and selection
  •  Keywords Grouping & Ads Creation
  •  Landing page consultation & Optimization
  •  Campaign Management & Optimization
  •  Conversion Tracking
  •  Campaign Optimization
  •  Return on Investment verification and Reporting.

    Our PPC professionals provide guaranteed & reliable online marketing solutions. They offer everything from account setup to creation of landing pages to attract qualified leads so that you can get high return on investment.

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