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Bing is one of the most popular search engines and Microsoft Adcenter, an online marketing tool for advertisement on Bing and Yahoo, helps to attract millions of online visitors to your business. Our online marketing experts have years of experience to handle Microsoft Adcenter campaigns and they make you sure to provide best return on investment.

Our India based Microsoft Adcenter marketing team follows a structured process to manage online campaigns.

Market Research & Goal Identification:

Our online marketing team takes client project as new challenge and performs deep market research to analyze scope of the project. We define best return on investment as our goal for the campaign and update our clients accordingly.

Keywords Research:

Microsoft AdCenter works as Google AdWords and you will require best list of keywords to perform positive return on investment. Our online marketing team performs deep keywords research and create best performing keywords list in your provided budget.

Ad Copy Writing:

Our online marketing expert team has years of experience in writing descriptive and relevant Ad copy which helps to improve your ad CTR and conversion rate. PPC India Company team create number of ad copies to perform A/B testing in defined campaign.

Bid Management:

Online bid management is very essential part of online campaign and PPC India team experts spends most of the time in bid management to get best conversion. They review keywords bid regularly and manipulate bids to improve return on investment.

Reporting & Analysis:

Market Analysis is one of the most important areas where you have to decide your audience, location, budget, time, categories, interest, age group and gender.  Our expert team provides you a comprehensive market research report so that you can decide all these factors to get positive return on investment.

Market Analysis:

Our MSN AdCenter Experts provide weekly and monthly report by using Active Collab; an online project management system. These reports include Clicks, Impression, conversion, CPC and Ad performance report.

* Monthly management charges will be 15% of monthly budget or minimum charges, whichever is higher.

If you are looking for custom Google AdWords campaign management package then feel free to contact us at 9873777961.

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